Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Hey Students!

Welcome to my Edublog. This is where it's at (clearly)! 
This is where I'll be posting helpful links for class, so be sure to check out the different hyperlinks throughout the blog for useful websites. Throughout the blog I'll be posting different things/websites that I have found that will not only make your life easier, but more enjoyable. I'll be posting fun/interesting websites just because! As you'll be able to tell, I love the outdoors, fitness, music and some pretty hilarious youtube stars (*cough cough* - Miranda Sings)!
Have fun!
~ Miss. Muehmer ~

Tuesday, 3 March 2015


For those of you who have never been on Pinterest.... check out this link. This is my own Pinterest where I have posted some 'getting-to-know-me' pins, as well as some fun science, math, and language resources for you all. 
If you are interested in cooking, hiking, video games or you're just bored trying to pass the time (NOT IN CLASS...obviously). Pinterest is a great resource! It also has a lot of different educational resources for you at home! If you don't understand some homework, check out some different pins on Pinterest and see if you can find a useful link to assist you. I'll be pinning some useful pins along the way, so definitely refer back to my boards... even better, create your own! 
Have fun 'pinning'!   

Monday, 2 March 2015


Here are a couple links to some of my favourite things!

 One of my favourite photographers James Mollison shares some of his own work on this website. My personal favourite is his collection called "Where Children Sleep". It's a great reminder of how big the world is, and how different our lives are. I encourage you to think about what your own picture would look like. What's in your room that you're proud of? How is your room different from many of the pictures in this collection?

As you probably already know, I love the outdoors. My dream is to hike the PCT (Pacific Coast Trail). A beautiful, challenging, and dangerous hiking trail that requires a lot of physical, emotional and mental strength. When will I do this?? Who knows, but you gotta start somewhere!

A long long time ago in the 90's there were these things called cassette tapes. My very first tape was by the wonderful country singer, Martina McBride. Ever since then, I have loved and adored country music. My personal favourite country radio station is BX93, which is the country station for Delaware Ontario, my hometown!

(Picture taken by: M.Muehmer, Delaware Ontario)

Sunday, 1 March 2015


'Racing' through Integers

Drivers.... 'START YOUR BRAIN'!

Dodge, swerve and steer around different obstacles on the racetrack. You'll need to use your integer skills to win the game! This is a fun and educational game that not only makes you feel like Jeff Gordon (arguably the best race car driver or all time), but it simultaneously allows you to improve your integer skills!

Parents, we've been working on Integers in our Number Sense and Numeration unit in class. We are starting a new unit on integers, seeing how integers are used in our everyday lives.  This comes directly from the Ontario Curriculum Number Sense and Numeration strand, stating that Grade 7's should " identify and compare integers found in real-like"(Ontario Math Curriculum, pg.99). This educational game will keep your students thinking about integers, but in a very noninvasive way.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me! Or make a comment below!Still need more help? Click here for an online worksheet for you to work on at home!

Have fun racers!!

Let your Vocabulary "FLOW"

Hey Students!

Looking for a fun way to stay 'in the know' with this weeks news? Looking for a musical outlet to explore and inspire others? Then check out  Flocabulary! Starting next week, we are going to be starting "Flocab Fridays", where we will watch the "Week in Rap" video from the Flocabulary website, and discuss the different events that happened in our world. 
However, this website if full of other videos that are just pure genius! So feel free to scroll through the different links and find your new favourite... who knows, your favourite could play in the next class! I would love to know of any videos you found, so go ahead.. have fun... and discover! 

Parents, thank you for checking the Edublog! I have posted the link to Flocabulary  which I am using as a motivational website in class. This website is not only engaging and interactive, but I have found that it motivates students to discover different outlets and make connections to the world around them. Your child might come home on Fridays with more knowledge about worldly events thanks to "Flocab Fridays". This is an event that we will be holding in our class each Friday as we watch the websites "Week in Rap". By analyzing current events through this musical outlet, we as a class are demonstrating one of the overall expectations in Geography, as we "analyze current environmental issues or events from the perspective of one or more of the themes of geography inquiry" (Ontario Geography Curriculum, p.66).
I encourage you as parents to check out the "Week in Rap" videos from the website, and discuss the video with your child.  

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

My Philosophy of Tech‐enhanced Teaching

Hello Students!

I have had to opportunity to play around with this awesome and FREE website called Animoto, which blends vocals and audio!

This would be a useful website for different presentations (*hint hint nudge nudge*). You can record your voice ahead of time, add photos, videos and so much more!

Teaching Digital Learners

TPACK has helped me to understand the importance of differentiated instruction within the classroom. As I reflect upon this experience so far, I am excited for students to gain new tools through exploring various tech-enhanced websites and sources.